The opportunity to become an Urban Rural Rides driver came almost a year ago and I thought it was a good fit for both the URR and myself.  I was born and raised in Arthurette which is now in the District of Tobique Valley.  I left to go to university,  returning to Arthurette to teach at my old high school, Tobique Valley High 12 years later.  I have taught for 35 years in Quebec and New Brunswick and have been retired for 25 years.  Whenever there was a chance for me to help whether it be sports, health, education, or any facet of community involvement, I was more than willing to do so.  I have been a volunteer ambulance attendant for more than 10 years (a few years ago), president of minor hockey for 20 plus years, driver education instructor for a dozen or so years, on Boards of Directors for Hockey New Brunswick, NBTeachers Association and the local hospital.  I have been involved as Chair of Off Ice Administration for World Pond Hockey for 20 plus years and many other groups and associations over this provinces in years past.  Looking back for the last half of a century, I have always been willing to give my time to help people and associations.  URR is simply a good place to be a volunteer and I felt that I could so I applied.  The procedure to become a driver was not difficult but did show me that this organization wanted good people and those who are accepted are in it for the same reason and that is to help those who need it.

I have to say that my family is supportive of URR.  They were not surprised that I am doing this but surprisingly none of them were aware of this service.  We must advertise and spread the word as we can always use more drivers.