Urban/Rural Rides is a community transportation service driven by volunteer drivers. In photo above are some of our amazing volunteers. We had the pleasure of spoiling them at an ‘Appreciation Event’ in December. 

Breakfast was prepared by volunteers at the Riverview Lions Club who also hosted the event. The food was delicious and they were gracious hosts who made the event a joy.

The drivers were all given a new hoodie with the Urban/Rural Rides logo on it and a certificate of appreciation. Some were even lucky enough to go home with door prizes that included beautiful stained glass ornaments donated by Don and Diane Wilson and chocolates. 

The event ended with an open mic where drivers got to share stories and experiences. One driver shared the joy it was to have been able to drive a hospice patient to her last wish visit with her family at the beach. 

Another driver shared how touched they were when driving a senior who had not been to get an ice cream in many, many years. They took a detour to grab an ice cream cone and that small moment of joy is one that will never be forgotten.

Another driver shared how the ride coordinator had informed him that one of the clients he had driven told her she would not go unless he was available to drive her. With a small tear in his eye he said “it gets you right here you know” as he clutched his heart.

We love and appreciate all our volunteer drivers and how they touch the lives of those we serve. If you want to be a part of this amazing team, please call us at 962-3073 or email us at [email protected]. More information is on our website at http://urbanruralrides.ca